Monday, February 21, 2011

Time To Dig Deep for Week 2!

Hey everyone, so today is the start of my second week of insanity. I have to say that I am even more amped up right now than I was when I finally got over my soreness (day 4). I just did my first weigh-in after starting Insanity, and I have to say that I am quite impressed! I originally weighed in at 209 lbs.; I am now down to 204 lbs! I know that is probably more water weight than anything, but it is great to say that I have already attained some kind of results.

I didn't think it was possible to be more energetic than I was just 3 days into the workout, but I can say that I am even more energetic than when I started! I know, I am only on my seventh day of Insanity, but I am already craving tomorrow's workout! Now that I see how much of an improvement has been made in such a short period, I just want more; it's like another addiction.

As the workouts have passed, I have noticed gradual increases in my stamina, as well as my endurance. I find myself more capable of completing more repetitions of each exercise as opposed to when I started. I am still taking plenty of breaks, but I am definitely not as exhausted as I was last week. I am still workiing on getting my form up to par. I will say this: despite not keeping up with the pace, I am still getting a great workout by simply focusing on my form.

Needless to say, this has been a very challenging workout so far, and I am enjoying every bit of it. If you have been like me for the past two years (just staring at the TV envying the great bodies on the infomercials but not motivated to do it yourself) then you definitely need to get this collection of DVDs! Either that, or you can look at my results as I go through the routine and let that serve as the proof that it works!

More updates to come! Two week photo update coming up next Monday (2/28/2011)!

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