Thursday, May 26, 2011

Insanity and P90X...Why Not Insanity: The Asylum?!

I've been told by plenty that the P90X routine pales in comparison to the Insanity routine as far as the intensity level is concerned. That being said I am still not going to take it lightly. I think I am so focused on maxing out from Insanity that I am going to find myself doing the same with P90X. I think I will still be able to feel some kind of effect simply because I haven't been doing my Insanity lately.

Unfortunately my youngest daughter sustained an injury. As a result, she has been super demanding of attention. She's calmed down quite a bit as of late so I am going to do a combination of the core cardio and balance and the cardio abs. I'll do cardio abs every other day so that I can avoid potential soreness that may result. Ok, enough about Insanity and my petty reasons for not staying religious with my workouts: I want to talk a bit more about the P90X routine.

It is definitely a routine which piqued my interest well before I became interested in Insanity. As a matter of fact, I was contemplating taking the step forward and buying the equipment in preparation for acquiring the routine. I decided not to simply because I was living in an apartment at the time and did not want to deal with the possibility of disturbing neighbors while I jumped around with my workouts on at full blast. I like to make the experience as real as possible. Once I got into a house, I realized I didn't have to worry about disturbing people above or below me, so life became significantly more convenient.

Many people have told me I got the hard part out of the way by doing Insanity, but I think it really depends on how one approaches it. I think P90X can be a beast in its own right if you do it right. I am going to look into picking up some weights, but I am going to make sure that I have enough weight so that I can increase my intensity as I go through the workouts. I am going to try every workout at least once just to see where I stand. If I see that my endurance is higher than expected, I will either increase the weight I lift with, or I will simply substitute that workout for one of my Max Interval workouts from Insanity. While I may increase in my muscle tone and mass through P90X, I can still work to get the quality burn from Insanity.

Now, I have been asked on a few occasions why I am electing not to go with the Insanity: The Asylum workout and the reason is simple. I want to wait a while to see what people have to say about it. I am sure that there is plenty of intensity involved, but I want to see what other say as well as their results upon completing the program. I am also making sure that it turns out to be a positive investment in the long term as well. I have already seen and heard plenty about what P90X has to offer, so I think that this is a more conservative move on my part.

The way I see it, by the time I have completed the P90X routine, there should be a healthy dose of reviews and results to based my judgement on the Asylum workout. If I decide I am going to do the Asylum workout, I will first do a recovery week and another full month of the Max Interval Training with Insanity. I think that will be more than enough to prepare myself for the Asylum workouts. It's always good to look ahead, but I am going to worry about one thing at a time.

For now, it's just all about P90X and what results I can achieve from that routine. I know I haven't posted lately, but it's mainly because I am not doing much that would be relevant to the routines involved on this blog. Right now I am limited to regular weight training in the fitness center at my job. At the very least, it is helping me greatly with maintaining my weight. As a matter of fact, I am down to 194 lbs., so despite doing weights I have still managed to lose another pound.

More to come in the near future. I'll be going to home to Boston for a week, so I'll be pushing to start P90X upon returning from my vacation. Until then, KEEP DIGGING DEEP EVERYONE!!!