Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3 - Still Sore!

I got done with day 3 of Insanity earlier today. While I am still quite sore from the workouts, I am beginning to build some tolerance. I am managing to do at least some repetitions of each exercise, but I am still taking multiple breaks. This routine really wears you out! Just when I think I have exhausted all of my energy, Shaun T makes some kind of statement that gets you to put out just a little bit more. It's almost as though he is in the room with you. I didn't believe the reviews I read because I felt that other workout videos came off relatively generic and rehearsed.

There are plenty of reviews out there highlighting the fact that you will be the most sore in the first week of Insanity and then the soreness should subside. I am slowing becoming convinced by those reviews as I go through these workouts. The way the schedule is set up is making much more sense. People complained about how the workouts become played out because of doing them over and over again, but there is a method to the madness.

The hope is that I can come back on here in two weeks and realize that I have improved significantly despite feeling absolutely burned out. I have to say it again: Insanity is the real effing deal! I was dripping sweat today. I haven't had that in the previous two workouts. That lets me know I am already working harder. What's great is that, through all the soreness, I am actually gaining a degree of enjoyment with Insanity.

I am already experiencing an improvement in my stamina over the course of the day. I am not as sluggish, and I have not needed any dose of caffeine - something which was a ritual prior to starting Insanity. I normally drank at least 5 cokes and had upwards of 4 cups of coffee, hot chocolate, or both. Let me not forget to mention that I added plenty of sugar to those cups of coffee. I eliminated so much just by cutting out the coffee, soda and hot chocolate. Couple that with the fact that I have already improved on my diet, and there is nothing to stop me from reaching my goals: except myself.

Well, there is no question that I am going to keep up with Insanity, just as there is no question that I am going to continue providing updates for everyone to see. I have 11 days left until I post up my progress through 2 weeks. We'll see how that goes. Until then, keep digging deep!

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