Monday, March 21, 2011

Measurements, Fit Test and The Beginning of Month 2!

I decided that there was no better time to take measurements than my half-way point on Insanity. There was a slight bit of anxiety coupled with excitement because I knew I had improved, but I didn't know how much. Here are my measurements prior to Starting Insanity:

Waist: 38
Hips: 41
Biceps (Right/Left): 15/15
Thighs (Right/Left): 25/25
Chest: 43
Body Fat %: 30.6

I knew there were going to be some differences in my measurements just by looking at my photos over the past four weeks, but I was not expecting the differences I saw! The following are my current measurements as of last Friday:

Waist: 36
Hips: 40
Biceps (Right/Left): 14/14
Thighs (Right/Left): 24/24
Chest: 39
Body Fat %: 18.8

Now, I was excited enough as it was to see that - after only 5 weeks of Insanity - I have already shed 11 total inches from my body. What was absolutely astounding to me was that I also managed to reduce my body fat by almost 12 percentage points! That was nothing short of amazing to me. What gets me even more than that is the fact it all happened through the first month and my recovery week! I can't even imagine what kind of results I can achieve with the second month, which brings me to the next part of this post...

Today was day one of my second month of Insanity. I would just like to state that the second month is the reason why the first month was put in place. The first month and the recovery week were all just a brief glimps...better yet, preparation for the montster that is called Month 2. Folks, the second month of Insanity is why this workout is so appropriately named. But before I go into that, today was also the day of my third fit test.

I didn't think I was going to do very well on my fit test today simply because I decided to party with my little brother who came down to visit from Alaska (he's in the military). I had a few drinks, ate a bit more than I normally do, but I was not going to pass up my fit test just because of a little excessive partying. As I was doing my fit test, I was growing more and more astonished at the improvements I was making across the board. So I shall let the results speak for themselves; they are in order from the first results to my current results:

Switch Kicks: 90/100/120
Power Jacks: 30/36/49
Power Knees: 50/67/82
Power Jumps: 11/24/27
Globe Jumps: 5/6/7
Suicide Jumps: 6/12/13
Push-up Jacks: 18/22/30
Low Plank Oblique: 28/45/52

I am loving the results that I have seen so far from this workout, and I only anticipate them getting better with each passing week. My first day on the second month was absolutely brutal! I felt like it couldn't get much worse than what I went through on the first month, but it's not often that I am blessed with being correct on such an assumption. Believe me, this was no exception. I was absolutely drenched in every way, AND I LOVED IT!!! In two weeks, I hope to wow everyone with my updated photos: including myself. I am beginning to grow much more optimistic that my goals are completely achievable. Until I get to the end, I am just going to continue digging deep. More updates to come...

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